Friday, November 6, 2015

"We will not waver; we will not tire; we will not falter, and we will not fail."

America’s potential, said Carly Fiorina, is being “crushed.” America’s military, said Marco Rubio, is being “eviscerated.” Working people, said Mike Huckabee, are “taking a gut punch.” The idea of America, said Bobby Jindal, is “slipping away.”
Donald Trump, as usual, went even further: “We don’t have a country.”
From a Politico article
I'm going to quote Tom Cruise. No, I'm not going to jump up and down on my couch and scream about how much I love America. Though I bet that would make a classic Vine. No, this one is from "Interview With A Vampire", where he says "I think there's life in the old girl yet!"

We have tough decisions. We need intelligent, hopeful people to make these decisions. I'm not saying that Carly Fiorina, and the others aren't intelligent. I can't speak on that, but they've lost hope. Which is frightening to me, because for a long time hope was the only thing keeping me alive. I see white washed tombs and I can't vote for that.

When I think of our military, I don't see it as eviscerated. I see the most fearsome group of men and women to ever march onto a battlefield. I'm not pro-war, very much against it. But I love these men and women who are courageous enough to fight for their loved ones, and for me, and for those of us who can't fight for ourselves.

When I see the "working man" I see my step-dad. A strong, proud American worker, who can do anything. He is beyond awesome. While I'm very adept with computers; I am struck jaw-droppingly dumb at the things he can do. He can build anything. He can fix anything. I think of an old friend who drives a semi delivering goods across our country. I see my Uncle Keith, a farmer. I see my sister Laura, and her husband Jeremy. I see my Dad, once a professional pilot, now he runs a successful computer repair business. I see my friend Emily, a successful writer. Everyone around me, while we may struggle, we are thriving. I don't see people who are beaten. Or "gut punched", I see people living their dreams. The dreams may differ from what they once were, but we are still living them.

America isn't an idea, Governor Jindal. She is an entity. She is alive, her heart pumping fiercely, her eyes shining brightly. As long as there are Americans with hope of much better times to come, America will not fall. We might limp along for a time. But America will not fall.

We have problems. A lot of social issues, massive poverty, attacks on women's health programs and initiatives. We're still fighting against racism, homophobia, transphobia. So many things....but if we don't lose sight of our goal. If we remember the phrase "all men are created equal"; we can't fail.


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    Thank you, Kristine, what a bright, inspirational spirit you are.

    To bear witness, and to add to your observations: I have had 5 careers that I put my heart into; many relationships and other people's children that I love and saw move on; and somehow I dust myself off, and grab hold of something new, every time, and carry on.

    I think of my relatives in the old world, where grown children still live at home, hoping to inherit the house; there is no place for them to go, land is scarce and expensive, and so they are tied forever to the prior generation's dreams and expectations.

    I am grateful for my independent life, and though I appreciate my losses from discontinuity with my family, now spread all over, including in graves, I am clearer in my sense of self identity because it is my life, and no one else's.

    I look around at our political show-people, and I hope we are politics proof ( we survived Nixon, I guess ).

    The price of freedom is constant vigilance, and so we connect with one another and fight the good fight to bring awareness and truth to those who are about to decide, thumbs up or thumbs down, on respect for our equality and freedom.

    Thank you for being, thank you for acting, thank you for reminding us that we are not alone, and it is always worth taking positive action to connect people for good.

    1. I've been without Internet for awhile, and just saw this. Thank you Peter, and you're welcome. I get so tired of people trashing this country, that is great already, for no other reason than political grandstanding. I love America for who we are, and who we can be if we can be only be courageous enough to reach out to one another in love instead of anger. I believe we can get there. Love always wins.