Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Letter to Arec Barrwin


I'm a transsexual. I get all kinds of shit flung at me, almost daily, so I understand how something like what the New Yorker said could hurt. It sucks when people talk trash about you, especuially if it isn't true. I deal with criticism by proving my detractors wrong , for example, those like me are labeled 'perverts', I live a celibate and single life to prove them wrong. I live above criticism. I know that for the most part so do you (the cocksucker thing was a bit much, but we all snap, I totally get it), so don't let what they (anyone) say hurt you. You're an awesome hubby and Daddy, and you've been knocked down several times in your career, but you always get back up. So get up, Alec. Your fans (including me) have and always will love you. We've got your back. Fuck the New Yorker. Prove them wrong.

All the Best,

Traci Kristine

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